Privacy Policy

The Privacy policy exemplifies the way we acquire or collect user’s data on the AB Star News site. We may also collect individual information in the process when a customer visits our website or address the query in the mailbox. In addition to that statement, we may also utilize cookies to enhance and uplift the client’s experience on our website.

The client can also refuse the cookies from their web browser setting. The web setting can be also used to channelize the cookies. We are fully accountable for the protection for your data. We save the entire user data on our SSL scrambled server to avoid any burglary and hacking.

Here is the list of the accompanying reasons that justify our intention in regards to the collection of the user data. We collect user information to

  • Enhance the user’s experience.
  • Increase the performance measure of the website.
  • Improve the Client experience on our website.
  • Share with a third-party and outsider entity for publicizing and promotion reason.
  • Send a regular message and update to the client.

Under no circumstances, user’s has the right to compromise with the website content including logo, image, videos, and content. Moreover, users are also not authorized to content to improvise any of the material on our website including visual introduction or appearance

Reservation of Rights

We hold all the jurisdiction to suspend or expel any sort of link given by the client to our site. In addition, users have to remove all links to our website once we requested them to do so. We can modify or change our terms and condition whenever we want, without giving any prior notice to the client.

Suspension of links from our site

If you experiencing an unfriendly or suspicious connection or link on our website, feel free to get in touch with us at any point time, we will respond to your query as soon as possible.

Content Authenticity

We continually strive to offers the authentic and genuine content on our website site, however, we do not claim its authenticity to 100%