Digvijaya Singh: “I am Proud of my Hindu Dharma”, “Hindutva” word doesn’t exist in my dictionary

Digvijaya Singh:

In the midst of political row over the word “Hindutva”, senior Congress pioneer Digvijaya Singh, who said that the word doesn’t exist in his dictionary, has given a clarification to his announcement on Twitter saying that he is pleased with his “Sanatan Hindu religion as opposed to ‘Hindutva’ which is a politicized rendition engendered by RSS”.

Singh who is regularly focused by the BJP for supposedly utilizing the term Hindu or saffron dread, on Saturday said that the word Hindutva does not exist in his lexicon. While addressing the media in Bhopal, from where he is challenging the progressing Lok Sabha decisions, the previous Madhya Pradesh boss pastor said the word Hindutva did not exist for him. “For what reason do you utilize the word Hindutva? The word does not exist in my lexicon,” he said.

At that point in a progression of a tweet in Hindi, Singh gave a clarification to his announcement. He stated: “I pursue Hindu religion, which has shown the world the lifestyle for a huge number of years. I will never hand over my religion to Hindutva, which is the scheme of the Sangh to get just political power. I am pleased with my Sanatan Hindu religion, which maintains “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.”

He stated: “Sangh’s Hindutva is disruptive. I will never give a political snatching of my religion a chance to occur. For us, Hinduism involves confidence, an individual association with God.”

Digvijaya Singh:

He further scrutinized that since when did Sangh become the certifier of one’s confidence, “My Hindu religion is my confidence. That is the reason I have not engendered my Narmada insurgency, never lectured the conventions of the Raghogarh sanctuary, did not spread the times of Govardhan parikrama and Pandharpur darshan.”

“Since when did the general population of the BJP divide me and God and become the operators who give the testament?” he addressed on Twitter.

Congress had pointed before that the dubious term “Hindu dread”, was utilized by Union clergyman R K Singh when he was a home secretary. Singh was a Union home secretary amid the UPA routine and later joined the BJP and progressed toward becoming a pastor.

Clearly alluding to Singh, Digvijaya guaranteed that the BJP made the individual who utilized the expression “Hindu fear” in authority speech a Union clergyman.

“I figure they don’t have the learning of Hindu civilisation. The individual who, as home secretary, issued an announcement with the word Hindu dread was given Lok Sabha ticket by the BJP and was made a Union pastor,” Singh told correspondents.

“Will (BJP boss) Amit Shah talk about it?” the previous Madhya Pradesh boss clergyman inquired.

Conveying its Hindutva board to the fore, the BJP has handled Malegaon impact case blamed Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur in Lok Sabha decisions from Bhopal against Digvijaya Singh. Out on safeguard, Thakur has been released by a court on charges under the stringent Maharashtra Control of Organized Crime Act (MCOCA) in the 2008 case yet is as yet confronting preliminary under other criminal arrangements.


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