Digvijay promise to declares Ram temple land, BJP said…

राम मंदिर की जमीन दिलाने का दिग्विजय ने किया ऐलान, भाजपा बोली..-AB STAR NEWS

During campaigning for the Lok Sabha elections, the Ram temple is at the peak of the issue for the opposition. At the same time, Congress candidate Digvijay Singh on Saturday worshiped a Ram temple in the city and promised to take the trust back to the temple. After this worship, Digvijay Singh also slogans Lord Rama on Ram temple.

Digvijay Singh said that land was given for the construction of this Ram mandir during the Congress rule. Trust built Ram temple here. In front of the temple is the District Congress Committee’s land. On the occasion of Ramnavmi, we want to hand over that land to the Trust on behalf of the Congress Party. On this move of Digvijay Singh, the former MP Vishwash, pointed out that some elections are in front, Therefore, Digvijay Singh is remembered Lord Ram. He said, “Elections are in front, therefore, Lord Ram and Hanuman ji are missing by Digvijay. In fact, the District Congress has acquired the land of Ram temple situated in Talaiya area of ​​Guru Bukha. “

Bhopal municipal councilor Yogendra Chauhan Guddu said, Digvijay Singh had given this land to the District Congress Committee while staying the Chief Minister of the state (from 1993 to 2003). He claimed, “There was a dispute between the temple trust and the District Congress Committee regarding the land and the court decided that the land belongs to the District Congress Committee”. He said that our leader Digvijay Singh is a true religious person and he completed the 3,300-kilometer long Narmada Parikrama Yatra last year.


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