Deepika, rattling on the rumor of her pregnancy, said this big thing

अपनी प्रेगनेंसी की अफवाह पर भड़की दीपिका, कह दी यह बड़ी बात-AB STAR NEWS

Deepika Padukone, one of the best actress in Bollywood and famous for her acting, is busy in  shooting for her upcoming movie Chhapak. If we talk about their married life, since they have been married, then there is a lot of rumor blowing between the fences about their marriage. Actually, the rumor of Deepika Padukone’s predecessor is constantly spreading on social media. When Deepika was interacted in this matter, she became angry rather than laughing.

According to information from sources, when Deepika was interacted with this matter, she became very angry, along with the rumors of the people who heard rumors about a lot of lies. Deepika said, ‘Whenever all this has to happen then it will happen. In our society, after marriage, women are always made to pressure on children. It is very wrong to do this with women. They should have the right of their own personal life decisions. Also, Deepika said, ‘On the day we stop asking such personal questions, then we will be able to make changes in our society.’

Let me tell you that Deepika Padukone had decided to marry Ranveer Singh after her long relationship. Deepika and Ranveer were married in Italy in November 2018. If you talk about Deepika’s upcoming film Chhapak, then the film will be released on 10 January 2020. Right now, Deepika is busy in shooting for the film these days.


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