Pakistan bomb blast in Quetta, 16 died and many injured

Pakistan bomb blast in Quetta, 16 died and many injured
Pakistan Bomb blast-Source- Social media

Pakistan’s Quetta city was struck by a blast on Friday morning. According to information from the news, there has been a major explosion on Friday in the Thakurganj vegetable market of Quetta. There are reports that 16 people were killed due to the bomb blast. At the same time, many people are being told to be critically injured. At present, no terrorist organization has taken responsibility for this attack.

More than 20 people, including four Pak army soldiers, are injured Some of these conditions remain serious. Relief and rescue works have been started. The blast happened around 7:35 am on Friday morning. IED has been used in the blast. The bomb was kept hidden in the vegetable market between potato sacks.

Pakistani police official Abdur Razzak Cheema told the local media that the bomb blast happened near the residential premises, where most of the people live in Hazara community. The aim of the attack seems to be targeting the minority Shia Muslims of the Hazara community. Four jawans of the Pakistan Army were also injured in the blast.

According to sources, Quetta’s DIG Abdul Razak Cheema confirmed the killing of 16 people. Sources said that at least seven of the people killed in the bomb blast in the Hazaraganj area of ​​Quetta, capital of Balochistan province, belonged to the Hazara community. Security forces fear that the death toll may increase.

पाकिस्‍तान के क्वेटा में बम धमाका, 16 की मौत और कई घायल
Pakistan Bomb blast-Source- Social media

As soon as the blast has been reported, all the staff including the Pakistani police, the army and the intelligence agency officers have gathered on the spot. The reason for the blast has not been ascertained yet. The whole area has been surrounded for investigation. The injured are being transported to nearby hospitals.

The injured are being treated at the Balen Medical Complex. At the same time, security forces have made a siege at the site of the accident.


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