Jet Airways canceled flights due to crises, help from Etihad

Jet Airways canceled flights due to crises
Jet Airways

Jet Airways, which is facing a serious cash crisis has informed that due to non-payment of lease rent, Jet Airways had to park its 10 more aircraft. In this way, total 79 aircraft of the jet has been out of operation. Jet has been forced to stop its full international work.

The bank was convincing to Etihad that he had made a bid for the Majority Steak. Etihad has 24 per cent share of Jet and Jet Airways did not want to buy more shares from it. In March, Jet Airways told the banks that it would not raise his share and had said that if the bank wishes, then buy it at a price of 150 rupees per share.

Earlier, there were reports that Naresh Goyal, former chairman of Jet Airways, could offer to buy a stake in the airline. However, it could not be confirmed by Naresh Goyal. But if this happens then Jet will become the battleground for two big shareholders. The last date for filing the final bid is Friday.

On behalf of the SBI-led banks, SBI Cap has got the responsibility to sell the stake in a suspended airline. For sale 31 per cent stake has been kept up to 75 per cent. In the lead of SBI, the banks invited the interest letter for the stake sale in Jet Airways on April 8. The last date for submitting the final bid was 10th April. However, it was increased to 12 April later.

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Jet Airways

Suresh Prabhu tweeted this morning: “The Secretary of the Ministry of Civil Aviation has been instructed to review the issues related to Jet Airways. The passengers were asked to take the necessary steps to reduce the inconvenience and ensure their safety.

Etihad Airlines has agreed to buy a stake in Jet Airways. According to reports, Etihad has submitted the Expression of Interest (Interest Subscription).


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