How a brand ‘Coca-Cola’ was made by using cocaine

How a brand Coca-Cola was made by using cocaine
Coca Cola

It was during 1886 that when Coca-Cola’s introduction began Pharmacist Dr John Pemberton in the capital of Atlanta, Georgia, was involved in making such a beverage behind the house, which is not only like sorghum but also works as a painkiller.

One afternoon, based on a traditional recipe of Pemberton’s African Servant’s family, Pemberton added lemon, cinnamon, coca leaves and seeds of a Brazilian bush to water and placed them in a kettle. After some time tasting, they found that the mixture took the form of a different kind. It had the properties of cocoa and lemon and cinnamon with flavour and taste.

कोकीन के इस्तेमाल से कैसे ब्रांड बना 'कोका-कोला'
Coca Cola

Dr Pemberton took it to the nearest Jacob Pharmacy, for testing, where some people were mixed with Cabernet water. The new taste was very liked. This drink was Coca Cola, which was named by Pemberton’s friend Accountant Frank Robinson.

In the afternoon of May 1886, American doctor John Pemberton created a liquid substance. He was a farmer in Atlanta. They took this substance to the local Jakob Pharmacy. In this, he mixed soda water. After this, he tired some people standing there. The beverage was very liked by them.

कोकीन के इस्तेमाल से कैसे ब्रांड बना 'कोका-कोला'
Coca Cola

Over time, the company was spreading its foot in the whole world. In 1990 also new branches of Coca Cola were sold in Germany. For the first time in 1993, the company turned to India. So far the company has been making many products. In 1997 Coca Cola products were also being sold in Arabia. Today the company sells thousands of products worldwide with more than 400 brands. Which has the highest status in all beverage companies.

Interestingly, it was banned in North Korea and Cuba today. Other than that, Coke has made its market in almost all countries. However, the company had to face protests many times. It was opposed in France in the year 1950. The demonstrators had overturned Coca-Cola’s truck. At the same time, the Soviet Union did not support it for fear of communist profit.


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