BJP candidate threatens Amit Shah to ‘kill himself’

BJP candidate threatens Amit Shah to ‘kill himself’-AB STAR NEWS

As Lok Sabha election 2019 is going on, there is a fight continues between all the parties. Similarly, BJP President Amit Shah has made a statement that, on which a party leader had expressed his hope for suicide. Let us tell you that BJP candidate Sanbor Shullai is standing in the Lok Sabha seat in Shillong. Who said after the statement of BJP President Amit Shah, “Citizenship Amendment Bill will never be applicable.” I will give up my life.”

Sanbor Shullai threatened to give up his life and said, “I will Suicide in front of Narendra Modi but will not allow civil amendment bill to be implemented”. Two Lok Sabha constituencies of Meghalaya were cast yesterday. In fact, Amit Shah said in Darjeeling of West Bengal during the election campaign that BJP is committed to passing the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill. At the same time, PM Modi said in Assam on Thursday that the bill will be amended after discussions with all sections of the society and ensuring the safety of the Assamese community. He assured that considering the bill, it will be ensured to maintain Assam language, culture and identity.

There is a protest in the North-East against the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill and has emerged as a big issue in the Lok Sabha elections. Not only this, BJP’s supporting parties and leaders are also opposing it. This bill, introduced by the Modi government, was passed in the Lok Sabha on January 8, but could not be brought in the Rajya Sabha for discussion.



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