Apple founder Steve Jobs fools the whole world

Apple founder Steve Jobs fools the whole world
Steve jobs

The launch of the Apple iPhone was a huge event. Everyone saw this revolutionary product that day for the first time. The truth is that at the time the iPhone was launched it was not made! In spite of this, Steve Jobs went to the stage and presented the iPhone to thousands of people.

In his 90-minute presentation, Steve fooled everyone. He let nobody know that their phone is useless. What was the problem of the iPhone and how Steve made fool to everyone?

2007 was a very important year for both Apple and Steve Jobs. That was the year when they had to present their new device in front of the world. The launch date was approaching and Steve felt that his iPhone would have been ready. On the other hand, when they talked to engineers, their senses got swollen.

He told Steve that the iPhone is not ready and there are many bugs in it. Steve was asked to cancel the launch but, it could spoil the company’s image. By that time the only prototype of the iPhone had been created, it was not right to run. The user could listen to songs in it, but the phone crashed in the middle of the song.

जब ऐप्पल संस्थापक स्टीव जॉब्स ने पूरी दूनिया को बनाया सबको बेवकूफ!

Steve was very scared before going to the stage, but he stepped down there. A stimulus was generated inside them. As soon as he came to the stage, he turned the world to the iPhone. It was a live demo. Apple’s employees seemed to be cheating on the phone in the middle of the demo.

There was Steve’s thinking away from everyone’s mind. They had wondered how they would present the iPhone as a convenient device. He knew that his phone would not work. Apart from Steve, neither his staff nor the audience knew that Steve had so many iPhones.

After this, without stopping, Steve gave the iPhone demo for 90 minutes. There was no glitch. After that, everyone knows how this iPhone started the smartphone world. So how did you make Steve Jobs fool the world?


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