Short-height girls avoid these mistakes during shopping

You should choose from monochrome top to skirt-AB STAR NEWS

As the summer season comes, all girls start to change their wardrobes. But some short-height girls make some mistake during shopping. You need to be more selective about what you wear. Why?  A short girl has a small body frame, so she can be easily swamped by the clothes. Not only that.  Most petite women have a shorter neck, shorter torso and shorter legs.

Multichrome design

You should choose from monochrome top to skirt or designer pants. Choosing this design give a longer look. The clothes of monochrome design are effective in overcoming the highlights. If you are also healthy with short, then your obesity also hides.

slim fit clothes

Oversized clothes look good on long and thin girls. But this style can give a short-height look to the small-height girls. So wear fitted jeans with high heels and avoid baggy- style jeans.

same colour 

Most girls enjoy the style of mix and match, but this style is fit on short-height girls.  This will not make you small and obesity is also hidden.

small design 

While choosing the top or any kind of dress, always choose the clothes of small prints. Apart from this, avoid buying the large size of jewellery and bags.


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