Picture of ‘PM Modi’ and ‘Rahul Gandhi’ on sarees stir in market

PM Modi Saree Picture-AB STAR NEWS

Many clothes were sold in many markets due to Holi. Meanwhile, sarees and suits with politicians’ pictures were also sold, which people also liked. Holi comes every year, there are many different types of clothes in the Holi. But this time, as everyone knows where the pictures of PM Narendra Modi on saree were sold in the market, while the picture of Congress president Rahul Gandhi and Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi saree is now quite in the market.

In the biggest textile market in Asia, Surat, the pictures of Prime Minister Narendra Modi first appeared on sarees but now the photographs of Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi were knocked on these sarees. People were liking the pictures of PM Modi on sarees very much, now people like Rahul sarees and pictures of Rahul Gandhi and his sister Priyanka Gandhi on sarees are also liked.

The textile businessman in Surat has printed digital sarees with the picture of Congress President Rahul Gandhi and the photo of General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi. At the same time, a businessman from Surat, Gujarat has designed this special saree with a print of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s face. Just before the Lok Sabha elections, this new trend is less than any surprise in the textile market. At present, there are three different prints in these sarees. In view of this craze, women will be able to launch many more new designs in the future.


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