This Indian weapon is more dangerous than nuclears…

Hydrogen Bomb

Every country is now making dangerous weapons than nuclear to protect its country so that the security of our country can be ensured. Many countries have different types of dangerous weapons; this weapon makes the country the most powerful country. India also has many such dangerous weapons, but we have fewer weapons than other countries.

The name of our country comes in the list of the most dangerous weaponry, but due to its shortage, India is behind other countries. There are many countries which do not have a dangerous weapon. Today we will tell you about the world’s most dangerous weapon, which is also near our country. The name of this weapon is the hydrogen bomb.

A hydrogen bomb is a thousand times the more powerful than an atomic bomb. For example, on August 6, 1945, when the United States dropped a nuclear bomb for the first time at Hiroshima in southern Japan, about 140,000 people were killed and 70 cities were destroyed. You can guess from this that a bomb with 1000 times the power of a nuclear bomb can be a catastrophe.

Deuterium and tritium are used in hydrogen bombs. These bombs work on the principle of getting together hydrogen isotopes. This is the same principle that runs in the womb of the sun and maintains its infinite power. There are bangs in three stages, which help to break the main reactor.

This reactor is required to start up to 5 million degrees Celsius, which gets the first two blasts. The heat generated by this blast equals the temperature of the sun. Anyone can be blinded by seeing this light. The explosion of a hydrogen bomb explosion can throw any person up to several kilometres.

Hydrogen bombs are also called thermonuclear bombs or H-bombs. Currently, there are hydrogen bombs near the US, UK, China, France, Russia, India, Pakistan and Israel alone. The first test of a hydrogen bomb was done in 1952. India had a hydrogen bomb test in 1998.


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