In summer ,these 5 fruits will give a lot of health advantages


Regardless of the summer season, it may be as if it is tiring and disturbing, but the presence of seasonal fruits does not allow it to feel. But there are 5 such fruits in summer which is a treasure for health. However, these fruits are present in recent years, but in particular they are considered to be the result of heat. Know the fruits that come in the summer season, which is in our heat –


Watermelon – melons are readily available in the summer. Watermelon is also sweet and delicious as well as very beneficial. Watermelon contains plenty of water, carbohydrate and fiber. In this way the watermelon fulfills the lack of water in the body. Vitamins are also found in watermelon, it does not contain cholesterol; it is also useful for eyes. Eat a plate of watermelon every day for plenty of crevices in summer, but do not drink water with watermelon food. The citrullin element present in melon helps in reducing fat from the body, so it also reduces obesity.


Fresh mango– Fresh mango is called King of Fruits. There are different castes of mango in many countries of the world. Yet the famous fruit of India is common. In terms of taste, health and strength promotion, the common is ahead in all fruits. Common are of different castes. But the properties of all mango are usually from one. Keeping the mango in the water 2-3 hours before eating, heat gets out.

coconut water

Coconut water – Coconut is such a fruit, which food is beneficial in every season. But by drinking coconut water in the summer, you get many special benefits. Coconut water contains electrolytes, so that it caters water shortage in the body and prevents dehydration. Apart from this, coconut water increases the number of platelets in your blood so that your body’s immune system is better.

Musk melon

Melon-melon is also a special fruit found in summer, which is very beneficial. Melons contain vitamin A, B, C, magnesium, sodium and potassium. There is also folic acid, which is beneficial for women in pregnancy. Eating watermelon causes fatigue and relief in the problem of insomnia. Besides, due to the abundance of fiber in watermelon, it keeps the stomach clean.


litchi – The litchi that comes in this season not only helps keep temperature in heat but also nourishes it. It is best for eyes and skin. Antioxidant elements present in it also save stress and wrinkles


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