Priyanka Gandhi will challenge directly to BJP from today on Ayodhya tour

Priyanka gandhi

From today on Ayodhya tour of Uttar Pradesh , Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi has started. She started her contact campaign with Rahul Gandhi’s parliamentary constituency Amethi. Priyanka reached Amethi on Wednesday in Lucknow. A day later on Thursday, she visited Sonia Gandhi’s parliamentary constituency Raebareli.

The program of Nukkad Sabha has been decided in three places. Priyanka Gandhi will stay in Ayodhya for five and a half hours. Actually, Priyanka Gandhi’s roadshow will start from Kumaraganj, the road show will end in Hanunaman garhi of Ayodhya. Priyanka will worship in Hanumangarhi. The SPG has inspected the program venues for their road show. As well as discussing road shows with the workers.

The security arrangements of road shows and program places of Kumarganj, Hardoiia, Adilpur, Nouwaquan etc. were reviewed. Interacted with the organizers of the scheduled sites. The city was discussed with the responsibilities of the country’s reception sites.

The issue of Ram temple and Ram temple in Ayodhya has been done by the BJP till now, but Congress has changed strategy this time. Now the Congress is raising the issue of Ayodhya and temple as if the BJP has been doing so till now. The BJP is bound to knock it down. So, the whole brigade of BJP is telling Congress, Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi ‘Ram Bharosa’. The Congress has also started reducing this protest.

Rahul Gandhi has roamed around the country’s temples and has conveyed that today’s Congress is not the first who avoided the temples to save their secular image. In this sequence, their Janeudhari issue also came in front of the people. BJP has taken a good look at Rahul Gandhi’s Janeu but Congress and Rahul Gandhi managed to get hundred in their strategy and asked why a single party is occupied by temples?


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