Chinese Ambassador to Masood Azhar said, ‘Know India’s concern, will solve the issue’

China-Masood Azhar

China’s stand on the issue of the names of the Jaish-e-Mohammad gangster terrorist Masood Azhar is listed on the list of global terrorists. China’s ambassador Luo Zhaoi on Sunday assured that the matter of Masood Azhar in the UN will be settled soon. He said, “We are aware of India’s concerns about Masood. This case has now been placed on technical hold.

Earlier, China, using Veto power to ban the proposal of France, Britain and the United States, in which the demand for declaring Jaish-e-Mohammad’s gangster Masood Azhar to be a global terrorist. India to China’s Ambassador Lio Zhenghui said, “We will sort out this matter.” This is just a technical stop, which means that more ideas will be considered about this. Trust me, this matter will be settled.”During the Holi program in the Chinese Embassy, he said, “We fully understand the case of Masood Azhar and there is full faith in it. We also understand the concern of India in this matter. We are fully assured that this matter will be resolved soon. ”

During the Holi celebrations at the Chinese Embassy, Leo said that bilateral cooperation is on the right track after the last year’s Wuhan Summit. We are satisfied with this cooperation, are optimistic about the future.

On March 14, China vetoes the proposal to declare him a global terrorist in the United Nations Security Council. Under the ‘1267 Al-Qaeda Syndication Committee’ of the United Nations Security Council, the proposal to declare Azhar to be a terrorist was brought on February 27 by France, Britain and the United States.

On the case of Masood Azhar, China says that it is against the action of no evidence. On this, the United States had requested China to act wisely because it is necessary to declare Masood a global terrorist for peace in Indo-Pak.

In the United Nations Security Council, France, the United Kingdom and the United States proposed a motion to declare terrorist Masood Azhar as a global terrorist. On this proposal, due to the veto of China, it got stuck again. India expressed resentment over China’s veto; India had said that he would continue his efforts in this matter.


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