Murder in Odisha by Black-Magic

तंत्र-मंत्र से हो रही ओडिशा में हत्या

This is the case of Kyonjhar district of Odisha, where a building has been made in memory of thousands of people who were killed or harmed by accusing them of doing Tantra-mantra. Troubled Munda who lives in Urumunda area remembers the attack on his mother Nathi Munda on September 3, 2017

He said “My mother was making meals. I was plowing behind the house only when I heard the voice. As soon as I went inside I saw three men from nearby villages dragging my mother outside the house.They had wood sticks and they were calling my mother to be called Dhani. Then she died on her own place. They accused his mother for four years of child’s death. That child had a fever for a long time.

Sources said that the men who killed Nathi were in the local market as if they had black magic and their demonic conspiracy would kill the child. After a few days the incident changed so much that the Kumudini Barike of Kyonjhar district was also attacked as a witch. They did not realize that one day the building will be built for those who are killed as a witch.

The Odisha government has made a campus in Kyonjhar district police. The district police is trying to make people sensitive. District Superintendent of Police Jai Narayan Pankaj had dreamed of building this building. They say that killing people by saying a witch should stop killing.

Jai Narayan said about the incident that We have to change the perception of people to believe in magic and give dignity to the victims and their families, which are often humiliated by the society.”


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