“SHUTDOWN INDIA” today by Dalits and Tribals”

दलित और आदिवासियों का आज भारत बंद

Just before the Lok Sabha elections 2019, many people of the society like Dalits and Tribals  are on the streets once again against BJP government. In addition to the Dalit organizations, Tribal class people have called for closure of the forest against eviction. in protest against this, many people are demanding to implement the 200 Point Roster instead of 13 Point Roster   many organizations have called ‘India Shutdown’ today.

Shutdown India by Tribals

Adivasis and forest dwellers have called off India today for the right of their land. On February 13, the Supreme Court had ordered 11.8 lakh forest dwellers and tribals from 21 states to evict the forest. But later it was banned due to some reasons.

Despite the Supreme Court granting relief on this right, Tribals are continuing the decision to shut down India. Tribal organizations say that this is just relief for now and it can be changed anytime under the Forest Rights Act 2006.

They demand that the center bring the ordinance for the protection of their land rights. This strike started in many states. From Mandi House in Delhi to Jantar-Mantar, the tribals will meet today in which they have also appealed to be involved with many political and social workers of India.

Shutdown India by Dalit 

On the other hand, activists of Samajwadi Party stopped the Ganga Gomti Express train from Allahabad to Lucknow on Tuesday for the shutdown of Prayagraj in U.P. This train has been stopped in the city’s Behrna area. Many people working in Lucknow use this train on regular basis. There are many people demanding to apply the 200 Point Roster to  replace the 13 Point Roster.
This SHUTDOWN INDIA has got many political parties together. The governments are in alert in many parts of India. In today’s Bharat band, there is a large organization like tribal rights movement, All India Ambedkar Mahasabha, Constitutional Save struggle committee. Closer supported by big parties like Congress, RJD, Aam Aadmi Party and Samajwadi Party.


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