Good news ! for Whatsapp users, Dark mode and more new features are coming for you


There are many new features to be added this year in the social media instant messaging platform WhatsApp. Some of these features have been rolled out for IOS devices, while there are many such features that will connect with both Android and iOS devices.

Features: Endwense Search, Dark Mode, Status Feeds, etc. on Whatsapp are currently in the testing phase and will be released soon. According to a report, these features are being tested on the same server. Recently, according to Whatsapp Beta Info, the company will provide advanced search features to improve search in Whatsapp chats. Under this patent named Advanced Search, the search will be more precise.

Whatsapp is used by a large number of people worldwide. Whatsapp has 20 million active users in India, while the number of active users worldwide is around 150 million. For these users, WhatsApp continues to test new features.

Users will also be able to search in the Chat Search Feature from Photos, Videos, Zip and Documents. You can search through overlap chats with the current version of Whatsapp app. This feature can also be used to filter the search keywords. Multimedia content can also be searched by filter.

According to the report, after the arrival of the search feature, users can see the preview of the search, so that by doing so, not all chats have to be opened. From preview you will not need to open every chat by searching. Only you will be able to see what you will search.

This audio message from WhatsApp has been redesigned again. With this feature added, users will be able to review before sending any audio files. With this feature users can send up to 30 audio files at a time.

The fingerprint lock feature has already been rolled out for IOS. This feature of WhatsApp will be rolled out to Android soon. With this feature of WhatsApp, users will be able to secure their personal chats via biometric lock.


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