India shoots down Pakistan jet F16 fighter aircraft


There has been an ongoing tension between India and Pakistan continuously since the Pulwama terror attack on February 14. Due to this tension, the Indian Air Force plunged 300 Pakistani terrorists on Tuesday and responded to the Pulwama attack. After which Pakistan is constantly frustrated and since the air strikes continuously the encounter between India and Pakistan continues. Due to this, Pakistan’s F16 fighter aircraft, which entered the Indian air force, has been killed by India. The debris of this plane fell into the Naushera of Pakistani territory.

Pakistan’s aircraft had penetrated three kilometres from the Indian border, but it was stacked. After that, the Indian Army responded with a patch to cross the border with crash Pakistan’s F16. Let us say that the Pakistani Air Force’s 3 F16 aircraft entered the Indian air force on Wednesday. These aircraft entered the Bichmar gaol of Naushera Sector and fled the rockets on the mountains and fled there. But even after this attack, Pakistan did not calm down and continuous clashes continued across the Kashmir border. Pakistan has crashed a MiG fighter plane in Garland village, seven kilometres away from Badgam in Jammu and Kashmir. The responsibility of this incident was taken by the Pakistani army itself. Let we the plane crashed in Kashmir when the plane was on patrol. According to the information from the sources, the value started coming downwards and after a while, a loud voice came and the plane crashed, after which there was a fire. The police arrived at the spot immediately after getting the information about the accident. In this accident; two pilots were martyred on the spot.

As a result, the news is coming out that the Pakistani army is behind the incident and Pakistan itself has claimed this accident. Let us tell you that during this incident, there has been a lot of tension between India and Pakistan.


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